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The Otter Wey


The Otter Wey – a community project for Farnham from Blooming Art

Farnham is a fantastic town but it is made up of many different communities, which are not connecting as well as they could.

Blooming Art is running a community project aimed at bringing many different parts of our town together by getting people to take part in the production of an art trail. An art trail is made up of large models which are decorated and then put on display around the town. There have been many successful art trails in other towns over the years, including the Surrey Hills Cow Parade (2016) and Hazelmere Hogs (2106) locally.

Blooming Art has chosen the model of an Otter for the Farnham trail. Why an otter? Well, the River Wey is an important spine for Farnham, forming a wild life corridor through the centre of the town as well and the linking the important green spaces of Bishop’s Meadow, Gostrey Meadows and Borrelli Walk. Surrey Wild Life Trust has found evidence that otters are returning to the River Wey and they are using the otter as the species to promote their work on river conservation and restoration. So, by having otters as the art trail models, we are linking the wellbeing of the people of Farnham with the wellbeing of our river. We will be linking with SWT to have joint activities to promote this link that will run alongside the art trail when it is up for public display. The target is to have the art trail in place for the Walking Festival (May – June).

There is another aspect to the art trail which is also important. All the models that form the art trail will be put up for auction once the exhibition period is over. The proceeds of this auction will be donated to the two charities being supported by this year’s Town Mayor, Mike Hodge, which are Woodlarks and The Brightwells Centre. Participants who do not want their model to go into the auction will have the opportunity to buy it in advance of the auction.

Blooming Art wants as many community groups as possible to be involved in this project. We are looking for funding to pay for the models and materials to enable this to happen. By taking part your group will have the opportunity to work together to decorate an otter. Blooming Art will find you an artist to assist you with this if that is what you want. Your otter will then be on display in Farnham. This is not only a good way for your group to work together but also provides you with free publicity for your group as there will be a website and social media supporting the project. And all this is at no expense to your group!

So, what do you have to do to be part of this? At this stage all we need from you is an expression of interest, which you can give by completing and returning the attached form. Once we have an expression of interest we can then go and find the funding to support your participation. It is as easy as that.

Contact Jo Aylwin at Blooming Art on joanneaylwin@outlook.com or call 01252 447581